09 May 2006

Demolition Details

As promised, we will not abuse the patience of our readers with innumerable photos of every stage of our rebuilding -- just a small number of pictures for a peek into the work-in-progress.

Prior to the beginning of demolition, our project manager labeled all parts of the structure to be "demo" or "save." The orange graffiti added an interesting highlight to the muted colors of our walls. Some of the walls, as they come down, reveal extraordinary hand-crafted workmanship including some hand-fashioned nails.

As walls come down and the familiar space begins to look different, we are reminded of some truths which apply to our own interior lives as well as the interior of our building. In order to rebuild or refashion something, sometimes we have to remove old structures. Sometimes these old structures are beautiful, inherently good and, at times, still very useful. Still, they must come down if rebuilding is in order. The same can be true in our relationships -- with the Lord and with other people. Sometimes "useful" and "good" ways of interacting, relating and communicating need to give way to something new. It can be hard to let go of a comfortable way of praying or a familiar way of interacting with someone. At times, however, the Lord calls us to something new. He wants to expand our hearts, our minds, and our knowledge of him. When this happens, we must try to remember that the Lord is the architect (and the project manager!)

Up-coming construction updates will include reports (and photos) from the "refugee camps" where the "nuns-in-exile" are living. Stay tuned!

"What a delightful and profitable law this is to do nothing except for God and to leave to Him the whole care of ourselves! I do not say only as regards temporal things ... but I refer to spiritual things and the advancement of our souls."
St. Francis de Sales

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