03 May 2006

The Circus is Coming to Town!

This post could be subtitled "Life in the monastery is never dull, installment II."

The circus is not only "in town" but they are parked, for a few days, in our parking lot! Not the whole circus but a very significant part of the circus: the circus nuns. (We're not kidding!). Three members of The Little Sisters of Jesus (one of whom is an alumna of ours) travel with the Carson and Barnes Circus. While they travel with the circus they minister to the members of the circus in a host of different ways -- both physical and spiritual. They catechize the children, counsel adults, mend costumes, collect tickets and help care for the animals. To read more about their beautiful ministry, click here.

We have been been blest by the presence of the Little Sisters of Jesus who have joined us for Mass and Office these past few days. Their apostolate is certainly a beautiful testimony to the Gospel call to leave everything and follow the Lord. As they prepare to move along, we share St. Francis de Sales' sentiments which often punctuated a farewell when sisters said good-bye to begin a new foundation: "Those who go, stay; those who stay, go." We have enjoyed having our "circus sisters" with us and we send our love and prayers with them on their way.

To read more about Bl. Charles de Foucauld, the founder of the Little Sisters of Jesus, click here. To read more about Carson and Barnes Circus, visit their webpage or their blog.

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