28 March 2013

Slipping Into the Arms of Love

Memorial Day in the United States is a time for remembering those who have died.

Whether they died in war of by disease or dementia or accident, we remember how it was that they went into the gateway between this world and the next.

Someone I love is getting to that gateway. There has been a progressive impoverishment of his or her life.

I have watched them lose the riches of their strength, independence, memory, freedom from pain, even, most wrenchingly, their ability to do things for others.

As possessions of the body and mind slip away, they hold on with a kind of valiant gratitude to their greatest treasure; their faith in God’s loving presence.

Dear Lord, as we move toward the gateway of life, as we lose what we have treasured,

Console us with the truth that we never lose you, we are only leaving behind the camel as we slip through the eye of the needle into the arms of love, Amen.

Sr. Anne Francis


Evans said...

this is very inspiring.l feel consoled as my grandpa is going through a very difficult time with dimentia.

melisa said...

Be blessed dear sister.........