23 March 2013

Generous With Encouraging Words

What a beautiful mission is ours! To be an encouragement to others!

Sometimes all it takes is a smile or a pat on the back or just a loving glance. Some forms of encouragement go deeper. Someone needs a gentle urge to continue efforts toward reconciliation.

Someone needs a “you can do it” to undergo yet another treatment of cancer. Someone needs a prodding to return to church. In God’s design we provide that urge, that “you can do it." That prodding.

Sometimes just our presence lends the encouragement another needs.May we be so blessed.

In allowing Jesus to use our lives as open letters of love and encouragement with those we encounter every day.

Sr. Anne Francis


kelvin said...

sister right now lam having chemotherapy and l feel so consoled after reading your very encouraging words.

megan said...

Thanks sister for the sharing......#