24 March 2013

A Modern Fan

This blog posting comes from one of our nurses, who has our Cross of Affiliation

I travel in 2 tandem worlds. One is infected with “Bieber Fever." The other is saturated with “Salesian Soup for the Soul."

When Justin Bieber gets old, and the “Fever” flips to another performer, St. Francis de Sales will still be famous. Not even four hundred years have smothered the devotion of his followers. Could that be because his message is timeless?

Even during the War of 1812, when the Visitation Sisters saw the British troops swarming down the streets,burning everything in sight, they knew God would help. The Community gathered their pupils and began praying the Rosary. Huge balls of hail started banging on the upper Monastery window. Peering out,their disbelief turned to laughter. Drenched soldiers, with fizzling torches, were running towards the Potomac, to the safety of their ships. God still knows how to put out our fires, without calling the Fire Department!

No ticket is needed to tune in to an amazing lifetime experience, as an avid fan of St. Francis de Sales. Read his quotes; study his words; contemplate his wisdom. The “Saint of Common Sense” will guide you through the tragedies of life, urging you to idolize only the One Who created you. “Trust in the Lord, lean on His mercy. Fear nothing.”

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