18 February 2013

The Image of God

Today's Gospel message defines simply yet clearly the meaning and extent of charity in our lives. As we ponder the threefold call of Lent to prayer, fasting and almsgiving, Jesus marks the path for us. We will not only feed the hungry and clothe the naked, but we will intensify our giving through prayers for the marginalized people in our world. In the realm of fasting, we will supplant quick judgments on the actions of others with words of gentle support. Charity will direct our life-giving actions.

Words of Advice from St. Francis de Sales

"We cannot excuse ourselves from this and say we do not know that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves, because God has imprinted this truth in the bottom of our hearts in creating all of us in the image and likeness of one another. Bearing the image of God in ourselves, all of us are consequently the image of each other. Together we constitute the image of one portrait, that of God."

Sister Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM

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