23 February 2013

In Rhythm With the Heart of Jesus

As this first week of Lent comes to a close the Gospel reminds us that we must be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. This is a tall order for us - perfection seems an impossible goal. But once again, the common sense, down-to-earth spirituality of St. Francis de Sales offers a formula for perfection which is within reach of all who live by faith. In his words, "perfection consists in fighting against our imperfections".We must, in a spirit of love not constraint, be on the alert to squash our imperfections.

As this first week of Lent draws to a close, I share with you a thought which inspired my prayer this morning. It is from Carroll Stuhlmueller's book entitled Biblical Meditations for Lent.

"Lent, therefore is a time of prayer and fasting, of much human work and dedication, but only that we may be so disposed that the beat of God's heart and the rhythm of his Spirit take possession of ours."

These words remind me of Wendy Wright's encouragement that we strive to have our heart beat in rhythm with the Heart of Jesus.

As we step into this rhythm let us also be aware of our daily struggle against our imperfections so we may move closer to the perfection God wills for us.

May he be praised in all we do and say!

Sister Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM

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