20 February 2013

God's Will in Everyday Life

Today's Gospel reminds us that we must be alert to signs which the Lord allows to enter our lives in the humdrum of every day existence. This is a favorite theme of St. Francis de Sales

"Live in the present moment and discern the will of God in the unfolding circumstances of your life."

The people of Nineveh certainly were alert to God's will in accepting Jonah's message to repent while the Queen of Sheba was also alert in seeking the wisdom of Solomon.

Father Pocetto ended this day's reflection on the Gospel with an inspiring prayer which I share with you.

"Time and again, dear Lord, you have demonstrated your presence and love in my life in so many ordinary and unsuspecting ways. Yet, I have so often been too slow to acknowledge, praise and thank you for these blessings. Sharpen the eyes of my faith that I may be more aware of the many signs of your presence in my life and the lives of others. Grant this through Jesus Christ, your Son. Amen"

(I use green as a sign of new life and hope)!

Sister Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM

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