29 December 2012

December 28, Feast of the Holy Innocents

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Yesterday (December 28) marked the Feast of the Holy Innocents.
So much has been said about the children in Newtown, torn from their families and friends.
So many tears shed for them and for the unborn, scraped from their mothers' wombs.
Blood, violence, hate, war, psychosis, human rights
Victims, Innocents,
Madmen, Opportunists, Terrified People, Merchants of Death
Those who are willing to accept the status quo.

Francis de Sales
wrote of the Holy Innocents sacrificed in Jesus' name.
He saw them as victims, but also as powerful intercessors,
powerful spokespersons,
powerful revelations of a peace which can be achieved
if we want to achieve it.

Francis de Sales on the Death of a Child
You mourn for your child's death, but for him it is a great gain.
To you it brings burning sorrow, but to him, eternal joy.
The bitter passing of those who have lost life early
rips through our being.

Your Children
have entered the eternal
and you are left to deal with injustice and anger and pain.

So look at your children in heaven,
alive with the angels and the Holy Innocents.
They are grateful to you for having given them life,
for the care you gave them while they were in your charge.

They pray for you and yours with a thousand longings,
that you will attain the life they enjoy.
Abide in peace then, and keep your heart close to God and these brave little saints.
They remain in your hearts forever, and forever, their hearts are in God.

And let us work bravely with them to ensure that this never happens again.

Post from Sr. Mada-anne Gell, V.H.M.

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