20 December 2012

Blessings at Christmas and the New Year from All the Sisters

From Saint Francis de Sales, "Sermons for Advent and Christmas"

"This is the grace that I desire for you, that you remain very near to this sacred Savior who is about to gather us all around Himself in order to keep us always under the standard of His most holy protection, just like the shepherd who has care of His sheep and of his flock. May His goodness grant us the grace to hear His voice, as sheep hear that of their shepherd [John 10:27], so that in recognizing Him as our sovereign shepherd we will not stray away nor listen to the voice of the stranger who remains near us like an infernal wolf, always ready to ruin and so devour us [I Peter 5:8]. May we have the fidelity to keep ourselves submissive, obedient and subject to His wishes and commands, in order that we might begin in this life what, with the help of God's grace, we shall do eternally in heaven."

(Image from visitationspirit.org)

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