09 December 2012

Advent Post From Mother Jackie: The Rosary of Our Lady

Dearest Everyone,

This selection for my Advent Blog Entry is from a very favorite spiritual author and guide of mine! Msgr. Romano Guardini was a truly, deeply spiritual priest and director of souls. I think you will find his meditations on the "Advent" mysteries and "Christmas" mysteries as beautiful and powerful as I do!
The life of Mary, as the Gospel tells it, is as humanly true as it can possibly be, but in this human quality it is filled with a mystery of divine communion and love, the depth of which is unfathomable. The Rosary points in this direction.
May Our Lady of the Rosary bless you with her Son, Jesus, especially during these beautiful seasons of the Church year!

Mother Jacqueline Burke, VHM

(Note from the blog editor... we will post very short selections this week. However, the book has much more, and you may purchase the book here.) And here is what the publisher says about it:
Christians of many denominations are rediscovering the Rosary of Our Lady, an ancient form of prayer that has brought consolation, peace, and profound happiness to countless generations of believers.

If you are turning to this venerable prayer for the first time, you will find in these pages a clear, concise, and grace-filled introduction to the Rosary and its Mysteries.
If you have long been a devotee of the Rosary, your ardor for it will be quickened by the author’s revelations of new riches in this prayer. You will be grateful for his sage guidance as he leads you — by way of the Rosary — closer to holiness, and to your final union with God.

“In this book, Msgr. Guardini makes the Mysteries of the Rosary come alive.
1 recommend it highly for spiritual reading.”
John Cardinal O’Connor

“I urge all the faithful to rediscover this form of Marl an devotion in which we contemplate the mysteries of Christ’s life with Mary’s heart.”
Pope John Paul II

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