04 September 2012

More from Sr. Mary Roberta

St. Jerome says of the Bible: Read it! It's the Lord who is speaking to you!

So, the Lord spoke to me today about demonic spirits in St. Luke's Gospel (4:31-37). "Wow," he says of Jesus, "He orders demonic spirits to get out and they go!" [trans. Eugene Peterson in The Message]

As a mother (now widowed), I thought it my duty to search out the "demonic spirits" in my two sons and order them out! But once I gained a little maternal experience, I understood that my job was to see beyond my sons' "demons" to the good boys underneath, whom I loved dearly. Then, as Jesus did with the possessed man in today's Gospel, I had to find a way to separate my sons' wrong actions (their demons) from their real selves and pull those real selves into a warm and forgiving hug - a little like I'd carefully separate a nut from its hard shell and pop it into my warm and waiting mouth!

Sr. Mary Roberta Viano, VHM

(The above image from a site for free Christian blog art.)

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Linda said...

What a beautiful insight, Sister!! Thank you!

Reminds me of the weeds and the wheat, too.... need to trust that the Lord of the Harvest will help us to know what and when to pull..... I always want to get in there and rip out EVERYTHING....