13 September 2012

From Sr. Anne Francis: Saint Francis de Sales on Speech

Our holy father Saint Francis de Sales always wanted our words and speech to show our love of God. He said, "With regard to speech one is not to consider the quantity but the quality of our words."

His words on speech are expressions on how to live Jesus: "Take it as a certain sign that your charity is not genuine if your words, no matter how truthful are not charitable."

As we get sick and doctors examine our state of health, so also does our divine physician always examines the state of our souls. Let always our words be true in dictation of our souls.

Saint Francis encourages us to, "Use words to speak words of God reverently." And while speaking of our neighbour, he adds, "The tongue should be like the knife of the surgeon . . . clean and truthful."

He always had this connection between a truthful speech and wisdom. He wrote: "Mere silence is not wisdom. Wisdom knows when to speak and where to keep silent."

Thus let us always clothe ourselves with sincerity and plainness of speech as ornaments of Christian life.

May God be praised!

Sr. Anne Francis


james said...

what a wisdom!

a Visitation Sister said...

Thanks be Jesus!It is all from our holy, father saint Francis de sales.

clare said...

I have a tendecy to exaggerate things when l'm speaking some people that l do not care for;l feel that this is mean't for me to change.Thanks!