10 September 2012

Devotions from Sr. Anne Francis

Live Jesus!

The Little Virtues.

According to Saint Francis de Sales, we put on Christ by doing something positive. This means practicing a virtue, and by doing the best we can with the opportunity before us. He suggests that we start by what he calls the "little virtues." He says:
The little, unattractive and hardly noticeable virtues which are required of us in our place of work, among friends,and in our homes anytime and all the time… these are the virtues for us.
St. Francis continues:
The opportunities of acquiring good positions or large sums of money do not arise everyday. But it is possible to earn pennies daily. Those who care wisely for small gains become rich little by little.
 Thus charity regards the beauty of the heart and spreads itself over everyone without distinction.

Sr. Anne Francis


Anonymous said...

This makes me feel better;I have always felt discouraged for l had thought l should practice the great or maybe ''big'' virtues which l always failed.Thanks a million

james said...

l agree with the anonymous;l thought that l did not have anything to practice in my place of work.My boss is really tough.This shall help me as
as l practice humility.