01 August 2012

Learn the teachings of St. Francis de Sales from the Oblates

Never slander anyone either directly or indirectly. Beware of falsely imputing crimes and sins to your neighbor, revealing his secret sins, exaggerating those that are manifest, putting an evil interpretation on his good works, denying the good that you know belongs to someone or maliciously concealing it or lessening it by words. You would offend God in all these ways but most of all by false accusations and denying the truth to your neighbor’s harm. It is a double sin to lie and harm your neighbor at the same time. (St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life, Part III, Chapter 29, p. 202)
This is taken from "Spirituality Matters," a regular feature of the website of the Wilmington-Philadelphia Province of the Oblates of St. Frances de Sales. The feature can be accessed here, and every few weeks we will post items from that site here, and link to it.

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thanks so much for offering food for the soul.