03 July 2010

Sister Sighting!

In 1993 when our school building burned to the ground and our chapel suffered devastating water damage, our dear Sister Anne Marie set out to help raise money to restore the chapel. She sold posters which featured her ramrod straight pose and ten pearls of wisdom which frequently peppered her daily conversations.

As the sale of posters took off and alumnae, friends and family of our sisters began giving them as gifts, we would often hear people remark that "Sister Anne Marie was spotted" in this or that location. Sometimes halfway around the world, sometimes in a local doctor's office. It was a bit like "Where's Waldo" without the red-and-white hat!

In recent weeks, alumnae and friends have been sending us copies of the Memorial Day Weekend edition of the NY Region "New York Times" where our dear Sister Anne Marie made a posthumous appearance. Although she is probably turning over in her grave at the thought that she appears in an article whose second paragraph beings with the query, "When was the last time you had sex?" we might all enjoy a chuckle at the irony since those of us who were privileged to live with her know that her modesty was rivaled only by her sense of humor. When asked about the sale of her posters, Sister used to wink affectionately and say, "Hey, could you make $30,000 selling pictures of your face?"

If you are interested in reading the complete article, it may be found here for a limited period of time.

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