30 July 2010

Sister Mary Compostina

We have a little update on our monastery vegetable garden. Sister Philomena, our backyard biologist, holds the monastery's first fruits of the season. Those big fruits have come a long way from their humble beginnings!

Carefully hidden in a patch of leaves is a baby sugar pumpkin. Hopefully the leaves and the prickly vine will discourage our furry four-footed friends from sampling the growing fruit.
The vegetables might not be so healthy if it were not for the rich compost which is added to the soil. The remains of raw fruits and vegetables become a source of nutrients for the next gardening season.

Last, but not least, there would be no compost if there were no Sister Mary Compostina! St. Francis de Sales said that we should desire the most humble of jobs. Our faithful Sister Mary Compostina carries out buckets of kitchen waste and coffee grounds to the compost bins twice a day ... and that surely counts as a very humble job. Not to be missed, however, is Sister's smile. It's not just for the camera, it's there everyday when she collects the compost and sets out on her pilgrimage to the north west corner of the garden: a sterling example of doing small things with great love!

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