17 May 2010

One Man's Trash is a Nun's Treasure

On-lookers may have mistakenly identified Sister Rosemarie and Sister Leonie Therese as overgrown squirrels in long blue habits. And that would have been an understandable mistake since they were both found INSIDE some of the dumpsters on the campus of Georgetown University. (No, this isn't a joke. But it is pretty funny!)

During move-out week, Hoyas are known to discard many items which they are unable to take with them as they vacate University housing ... and nuns are known to rescue some of these items.
One trash container, upon arrival at the monastery, was IMMEDIATELY claimed for the pantry to help keep our furry friends from scavenging through household garbage.

Sister Rosemarie found a sewing machine in the dumpster and, below, Sister Leonie found a large pillow which will be cleaned and given to the poor. Some items (such as the quickly-claimed trash container) will find a home in the monastery but most will go to needy families.

We would like to thank our friendly neighbors for their generous donation to our monastery and to the poor to whom we will distribute most of the collected items!

"Nothing brings so much temporal prosperity as free almsgiving, but meanwhile, you are sensibly poorer for what you give. Truly that is a holy and rich poverty which results from almsgiving."
St. Francis de Sales

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