09 May 2010

Bringing Jesus to Others - LITERALLY!

Some of us have been heard to remark that it would be lovely to have a Eucharistic Procession down 35th Street for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi. It may not have been the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, but it happened this past Friday afternoon (albeit unplanned).

Two of our sisters and our retreatant left the monastery at 4.10pm to attend the Holy Hour for Vocations at the St. Ignatius Chapel at nearby Holy Trinity. When they arrived for the 4.20pm start of the Holy Hour, they were informed that the parish didn't have a consecrated host for the monstrance. The choices were two: celebrate Mass before (and, as planned, after) the Holy Hour or run back to the Monastery for Jesus. "We can bring Jesus" said the sisters. "Faster than Mass?" asked the few gathered patrons. "Eight minutes" replied the hot-footed sisters.

Setting off in haste they didn't go to the hill country, but back up the street to the Monastery where they procured a consecrated host. Returning the way they came, the sisters processed -- one with candle ahead and the other carrying Jesus behind -- two blocks down 35th Street. Passers-by looked on with quizzical looks at the fast-moving sisters.

Adoration began just before 4.30pm and the 5.30pm Mass was followed by a delightful gathering on the rectory porch. The sisters and other guests enjoyed meeting Flannery, the 3 1/2 month old puppy who has recently moved into the rectory.

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