20 September 2008

Nuns With Clubs

No, it's not a game of bridge or even of hearts . . . it's our school's annual club fair!

Normally each freshman preregisters for a co-curricular club of her choice but our upperclassmen are free to "shop around" at the club fair with dozens of co-curricular clubs such as Model United Nations, Science Fair, Booster Club, Triathalon Club and the Environmental Club. Also on display at the club fair were after school clubs and "full time clubs" such as "The Wicket" (school newspaper) and the chorus.

Sisters were well represented at the fair with Sister Leonie Therese recruiting new members for her art club and Sister Maureen de Chantal, pictured below, discussing the Salesian Leadership Club with a potential member. Sister Mary Roberta and Sister Philomena (see below) signed up a record number of girls for the Thursday after school Rosary club and Sister Anne E is squinting into the sun as she attempts to lure students to the dodgeball table with a bag of twizzlers. Stay tuned for future posts about nuns with clubs!

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