08 September 2008

Hellooooooo Hannah !

If we were counting the "never a dull moment in the monastery" posts, we'd be up to five or six by now. Yesterday, we were visited by Hurricane Hannah who arrived around 8.30am and left in the late afternoon. When she departed she took our electricity with her. We share some pictures from our adventures in the dark.

Above, Sister Leonie Therese washes supper dishes with the help of a flashlight. We had a few large flashlights around the refectory to help light our supper since our refectory windows are under the second floor porch and receive little afternoon light. Our choir was too dark for Evening Prayer so we prayed in our Assembly room where northerly windows provided ample light to sing the office. Below, Sister Jacqueline uses her flashlight to read the newspaper to Sister Raphael in the St. Joseph workroom.

Sister Philomena adjusts the impromptu-chandelier (mounted area light) so that Sister Rose can see well enough to sign a thank-you note to one of our generous benefactors.

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