24 September 2008

Leftover Meatballs

Sunday was a Salesian double-header for us. We had our Salesian family Mass at 10am, attended by over 200 guests and our meatball supper in the evening which drew some 30 plus locals for Vespers and supper. Highlights included Sister Philomena's top-secret response to the "What do the nuns do all day?" question ... we can't tell secrets on the internet but inside sources report that "dancing" was part of her response?!?! Curious readers will have to attend next year's supper or stay tuned for an up-coming excerpt from her comments. :)
A pre and post-supper attraction was the "Picture Yourself with Us" display where guests were able to pose as part of a life-sized group of sisters and see what they might look like in a habit. Nearly all the guests took a turn "stepping-up" to the display. In fact, in addition to the many women who tried in on for size, three men joined in the fun. Among them, a certain head-of-school and a venerable Monsignor -- we promise not to tell the archbishop which Monsignor.

Below, author (guest and set-up helper) Dawn Eden prepares to pose as a Visitandine.

Below, one of our alumnae tries it on for size.

One observer suggested using the picture as a "change of address" postcard (not to mention a change of wardrobe notification as well!) Some guests looked a bit more natural than others when posing ... pictured below is one for whom the ensemble seems to be a good fit. Even St. Jane de Chantal (standing behind her) appears to be smiling in agreement.

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