05 January 2008

An Unusual Journey

Since nether mapquest nor AAA have access to the interior of our monastery, we shall try to describe for our readers the journey of our three wise men without the visual aid of a map. (Google earth, however, has a frighteningly close shot of our monastery garden and parking lot -- see bottom of post!)
Shortly before Christmas, three wise men appeared outside the confessional. Since they were facing away from the confessional door, we did not think that they were "camping out" to be first on next week's confession line. ("Confession-line-campers" usually leave rosary beads on a chair ... but we won't mention any names!) As the Octave of Christmas progressed, the three (slow moving) statues approached the sacristy door and make a right hand turn into the ante choir. For a few days it looked as if the magi were lining up early for Saturday evening's procession into choir. Wrong again! This afternoon, they were spotted climbing the window sills which line the path from choir to chapel. It appears that these very slow travelers did not want to hold up traffic in chapel and were thoughtful enough to travel along the windows instead. By Vespers tonight, they should be approaching the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, from which they can see the manger.
We will make no attempt to spiritualize the journey of our wise men -- we share it for the amusement of our readers. Stay tuned for a picture of the travelers at their destination. ETA: Sunday morning at 11.00am!

"When the magi kissed the feet of Jesus, they kissed the feet of God."
St. Francis de Sales

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