31 January 2008

Let There Be Peace . . .

About a year ago, we welcomed home our Sister Rosemarie from a visit to her village of Lare in Kenya. As most readers who follow the news are aware, following recent elections there has been a great deal of unrest and violence in Kenya. One very thoughtful reader recently wrote in asking about the situation. We share a link to a very insightful interview that Sister Rose gave to "The Globalist." It sheds light on the political situation in ways that other media coverage do not. Click here to read sister's interview.
If you would like to learn more about the Mercy Center project in Sister's village of Lare, visit their website by clicking on the link provided. Since its foundation, the Mercy Center has brought water and health care not only to the villagers but to many who live in surrounding areas for whom the Lare community resources are the only ones accessible to them.
Please join our community in prayer for the people of Kenya.

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