08 January 2008

Queen of the Bean!

The wise men arrived! On Sunday morning, the three wise men approached the manger from the north (despite taking a southerly route to the stable!). They are featured in our video. In addition, we held our annual "queen of the bean" party. The sisters took turns spontaneously toasting (or roasting!) the new queen. After supper, thanks to one of our faithful benefactors who provides an assortment of individual gifts each year -- ranging from slippers to puzzle books -- we had our annual "grab bag" gift opening. This year, however, commandeered by Sister Mary Berchmans, each sister was assigned a famous person in the life of St. Jane de Chantal and she had to say something "in character" to receive a gift. The persons ranged from the well known St. Francis de Sales to the short-lived Charlotte de Chantal. A short video chronicles the festivities and a couple of the toasts follow below.

An Attempt at a Limerick

There once was a sister from the sacristy
Whose good luck has brought her aristocracy
She paints and sews and cheers our days
She runs and jumps but always prays
Royal decor she created -- plus or minus
Which turned out to be for her own Royal Highness
The bean that she drew has earned her a hat
She looked astounded and said, "What means that?"
The queen, the queen
You've drawn the bean!
Her first decree was for a dish of ice cream
To which the nations let out a loud scream
All hail the royal sister from Medellin
Our beloved Sister Leonie the queen!

The Epiphany celebration would not be complete without a cinquain from our Sister Mary Berchmans:

Our Queen
Therese serene
Always looking to see
Where she can lend a helping hand

"Recreations are indispensable not only to ensure wholesome relaxation but also to foster true family spirit."
Constitutions of the Order of the Visitation

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