13 August 2007

Terrorist in the Family

No, this is not about Father Cloriviere -- who really was a terrorist -- who is buried in our crypt (we'll have to write about him sometime!) This is about our very own, sweet and innocent Sister Jacqueline. (We do not use the "labels" provided by this new version of blogger ... but if we did, this post would be in the "life-in-the-monastery-is-never-boring" category.)

It all began as a normal day. Last Thursday, Sister Jacqueline and four other sisters went to the airport to travel to Minneapolis-St. Paul for our annual Salesian conference. When she attempted to check her luggage at curb-side checking, she was informed that she was under surveillance. Inside the terminal the woman at the check-in desk printed a letter from Homeland Security informing her that she was on a "list" and that she would have to be cleared when she returned from her trip. Needless to say, she was in a state of mild shock. Sister, however, was very happy to see security measures in place (especially as a resident of Washington DC) and, although alarmed, she was not irritated by this inconvenience.

Amazingly, when she arrived in Minnesota, she learned that her very own nephew (with whom she shares her last name) had the same experience when he last traveled. Could it be that the Burke family history has a spotted past? Perhaps. William Burke of 19th century England was noted for procuring cadavers for medical students -- hence the word "burke" (in the dictionary) means to "smother someone" (the means by which this distinguished Burke created his cadavers!)

Sister Jacqueline is known for giving bone-crushing hugs but we are happy to report that we have not had any casualties at home!

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