18 August 2007

The Journey of a Solemnity

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of our Holy Mother Saint Jane de Chantal. Poor St. Jane has had her feast transferred more times than one might imagine. She was originally celebrated on 21 August (her death date and the birthday of St. Francis de Sales). When Pope St. Pius X was canonized, she was moved to 12 December. Most of the rest of the Church outside of North America currently celebrates her feast in December. In dioceses of North America, when Our Lady of Guadalupe was elevated to a Feast, St. Jane de Chantal was suppressed. Our sisters in the United States petitioned the bishops to reinstate the feast. After a few different dates were discussed, 18 August was selected for its proximity to her death anniversary.
In addition to a Solemnity for our community, we mark the birthday of Mother Philomena and the Feastday of Sister Maureen de Chantal. The "feasting" began with pancakes for breakfast (thanks to the early birds who were rattling around in the kitchen before dawn) and will continue throughout the day.
"In all your good works you should unite yourself to the will of God's good pleasure, and in your faults and imperfections, you should unite yourself to His permissive will gently, quietly, and with peace of mind."
St. Jane de Chantal

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