01 August 2007

Hidden Treasure

Today's Gospel about the merchant in search of fine pearls and the man who finds the hidden treasure point our souls toward the Kingdom of God. They remind us of the inestimable riches awaiting those who heed carefully the Gospel message.

A short excerpt from the Exhortations of St. Jane de Chantal calls our minds and hearts to a similar posture of responding to the Lord:
"To have chosen Jesus for the only object of your love,
is to have promised that your hearts shall have no other affections
than to please Him, to love and serve Him,
and that all your desires shall be for Jesus,
all your solicitudes for Jesus,
all your thoughts for Jesus,
in a word, all your soul and all your facilities for Jesus alone,
Whom, of your pure, unrestrained and free will,
you have chosen for the only Spouse of your hearts,
and the sole object of your love."

For those who have changed their lives after encountering the Lord, He, indeed, is the pearl of great price.

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