24 May 2007

"D" is for Deciduous

In keeping with our monthly spotlight on St. Francis de Sales, we have a word of wisdom from our distinguished tree-grower, Sister Mary Bernardine. Sister B -- as the students call her -- delights in watching trees grow from tiny acorns or small shoots. Sister's tree-farm includes many deciduous types (we had to get the "D" in there somehow!) such as the ash tree she is examining in the picture.

Sister Bernardine is famous for telling jokes to her homeroom or passing cartoons around during recreation. Sister can make anyone laugh -- even without her "Squeaky Clean" joke book -- she's great for a wink or a smile or a witty word just when one least expects it. When asked for a favorite quotation of St. Francis de Sales, she shared the following:

"Friends practice a gentle and sincere courtesy which offends no one and obliges all, which seeks love rather than prestige."

Solid advice from a man who had many friends! Stay tuned for next month's focus on St. Francis de Sales from Sister Mary de Sales.

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