01 May 2007

Children of Mary

This past weekend we welcomed over 300 alumnae for our annual alumnae reunion. Among the stories and anecdotes that were shared was a very humorous account from some students who attended our junior college in the 1960's. They recalled a classmate who, upon returning from a date with a boy, was exchanging a good-bye on the doorstep of the school building and just as he was about to give her a good-night kiss, their osculation was interrupted by the creek of the wicket and the voice of a sister who said, "You are a child of Mary, you owe that boy nothing!" Classmates recount the occasion with great laughter and fond memories of the ever-present eyes of the sister who was portress.

For those who have never seen a wicket (or who associate it with the British version of baseball) it is the small window in our front door which allows us to view a visitor before opening the door. (It is also the name of school's newspaper.) Below, Sister Mary de Sales peeks through the wicket of the monastery's front door. Fortunately, since the wicket through which Sister is looking is located at the monastery's entrance, we need not worry about ending such amorous encounters!

A happy and holy month of May to all our faithful readers. May Our Lady watch over all of her children as a loving Mother and a faithful protector!

"Honor, venerate and respect with special love the holy and glorious Virgin Mary who, being the Mother of Jesus Christ our Brother, is also in truth our very mother."
St. Francis de Sales

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