13 May 2007

Christmas in May?

Mothers' Day doesn't usually come during the Advent or Christmas seasons, but no so this year. (Well, not exactly, but almost.) St. Nicholas made a guest appearance at recreation last night as visiting Carmelite, Sister Ana, from the Port Tobacco Carmel showed us her latest icon. Sister has been with us for the past week while attending an intensive icon-writing workshop at a nearby Russian Orthodox church.

Sister shared with us that the icon of St. Nicholas was selected for this particular workshop because it allowed the instructors to teach nine different technical skills -- such as applying the gold leaf with vodka. (One could almost make a skit out of that, "Reverend Mother, may I have some money to buy vodka? I need it to finish an icon!")

The vestments of St. Nicholas reveal great attention to detail (not to mention vodka-laden gold!). Click on the picture for a closer look at this exquisite work. We have greatly enjoyed having sister with us for the past week and we hope that another workshop brings her to our home again soon!

To learn more about the Carmelite nuns of Port Tobacco, click here.

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