25 December 2006

The Lord is Come!

The desert shall bloom with flowers; the Lord is near!
The desert has bloomed with flowers; the Lord is come!

This is an unusual Christmas for us, in many ways. We are counting down the days to the end of our exile and we are trying make Christmas as smooth and prayerful a celebration as possible, given the limitations of our living conditions. So, why are orchids in bloom in Washington DC in December? Indeed, this is an unusual Christmas! It seems that our Sister Leonie Therese has been coaxing these orchids to bloom (without success) for four years. Recently, in the Fennessy refugee camp, the over zealous radiators have caused some areas to reach 85-90 degrees (with the windows open!) When sister placed the orchids near the "rainforest" they began to bloom and they are simply majestic. There are four more buds just beginning to bloom -- perhaps they will come out in time for the Solemnity of Mary!
All kidding aside, as we celebrate the coming of our Lord, we rejoice and give thanks for all the blessings we have received in the past year -- most especially the kindness and generosity of our benefactors who are making the renovation of our monastery a dream come true. We anticipate moving in within a month or so. Stay tuned for pictures!

A happy and holy Christmas to our readers.
With love from your Sisters of the Visitation of Georgetown.

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