15 December 2006

The Advent Journey Continues

The prophet Isaiah reminds us, in today's first reading, that the Lord will lead us on the way we should go. It is a consoling reminder that He goes before us, He leads us and He will not lead us astray. It is also a "reality check" -- as some of our students might call it -- because we know that the way which the Lord has marked out for us is not always the one we might prefer. It is hard to see the Lord's hand at work when circumstances unfold in ways that frustrate us, challenge us and cause us or those we love to suffer. It is at these times, however, when we must remember that the Lord's own road led him to the cross, for love of us. And, for love of us, He will not leave us to walk alone if we follow Him. When we do not understand why the Lord permits certain challenges to befall us and when we cannot see the road ahead, let us ask for the grace to trust Him and to trust that He knows the road by which we should go.

"Live each day well, eat what is given you, and you will nourish yourself well by putting that into practice. Leave the rest to Divine Providence, which will surely provide sufficiently for your needs. Use well only what is given you, and be free of all other care."
St. Francis de Sales

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