03 December 2006

Bethlehem or Bust!

Before we share a little thought about Advent, just an update and a promise that we will have pictures from Friday's profession -- just as soon as our two newly professed collect themselves (and collect some pictures from their friends and family!) From the looks things, they will be writing thank-you notes from now until Easter -- but we promise to interrupt that process and have them post pictures!

Several years ago, one of the greeting card companies made buttons with a star at the top and below it were the words, "Bethlehem or Bust!" In a way, the buttons remind us that as we begin this sacred season of Advent we begin a journey, a journey of the heart -- to Bethlehem, to the manger, to the crib of the newborn King. Like Mary and Joseph, we must travel light. We must strip our hearts of all that does not lead us to the Lord -- attachments, anxieties, distractions -- the little things that slow the journey or tempt us to stray from the path. And when we arrive, if we have made the journey well and faithfully, we pray that we may approach the stable with a heart that is "empty" -- ready to be filled with the blessings of this Holy Child.

"Knowing that Divinity was unknown to the human family, the Divine Majesty desired to become incarnate, uniting with human nature so that under this human mantle Divinity could again be acknowledged."
St. Francis de Sales

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