20 June 2006

Home Base!

No, this is not a joke, honest. This sign is actually exists. Due to our current state of renovation (updated pictures forthcoming), we spend a great deal of time "commuting" between "refugee camps" and, as a consequence, our security staff has posted the above caution for drivers entering campus.

As promised, quite a few posts ago, this is a report from one of our three "refugee camps." Lalor House is serving as "home base" during our period of exile. Eight sisters live at Lalor House but all 18 of us pray, eat and recreate here. The picture below is our modest chapel which, believe it or not, fits all 18 of us, the celebrant and a guest or two (without a shoe horn!)

The picture below is a shot of Lalor House from 35th Street. The front door opens to 35th Street but the back entrances open up onto campus which makes getting to the school -- and the other two "refugee camps" -- very convenient. We promise future posts about the satellite refugee camps -- and maybe even a first-hand account from an exile!

This post would not be complete without a photo of a very special exile who lives at Lalor House: Nicholas the dog, whom some readers may remember from a previous post. Nick lives in a pen outside Lalor House and he announces every visitor who approaches. We hardly need a doorbell with a watch dog as alert as he. In fact, it used to be the bell ringing the Angelus which told the sisters that Father has arrived for Mass. Now, the dog announces it before sister has a chance to ring the bell. If only we could teach him to bark in syncopation with the Angelus!

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