22 June 2006

God's Honor Roll

Today's first reading from Sirach is a snippet from the "honor roll" -- of sorts -- that we find in the book of Sirach (Ecclesiastius). Jesus ben Sirach chronicles our fathers in faith, beginning with Enoch and Noah in chapter 44. If you haven't ever read the entire "Hymn to our Ancestors," it is a beautiful section of the Old Testament worth reading and praying.

The portions we hear today, praising the extraordinary gifts of Elijah and Elisha, make both men sound almost super-human. Of Elisha it is said, "Nothing was beyond his power." Truly indeed, both men were powerful instruments of the Lord and very worthy of our praise. The key, however, is that both men showed great dependence upon Lord's power. Neither one sought his own glory or honor. Both relied on the the Lord and his power at work in them -- and what wonders God worked through their willingness!

Let us take our cues from these great heroes of our faith and allow the Lord to work through us in the ordinary moments of our daily lives.

"I would inculcate in your deepest hearts this disposition to obey and to submit yourselves lovingly to all events and permissions of Holy Providence."
St. Jane de Chantal

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