02 April 2006

Unbar the Gates!

We promise not to post photos of every detail of this destruction and reconstruction.... but another little window into history is about to be opened: At left is the "poor gate," a gate opening out on to P Street which has been nailed shut for many decades. For years preceding (as well as during) the depression, our monastery had a self-supporting farm, from vegetables to meat. Every morning this gate would be opened and a hot breakfast of bread and oatmeal would be served to those in need. Wagons of vegetables were also available for the poor, as well.

On Monday morning this gate will be opened onto the street for the first time in over 50 years, as our destruction crew will be using it as an egress to access the soon-to-arrive dumpster.

While we "unbar" one gate, we have barred another one. Also pictured here is our front door, now securely fastened with a padlock. The monastery is about to become a "hard hat area." This should produce some interesting photo opportunities when sisters visit the construction site!

As we reflect on the urgent need to begin a renovation, we remember that one year ago today we were ankle deep in a flooded basement at the time that it was announced that His Holiness John Paul II entered into eternal rest. Our tower bell tolled a little late -- later than other bells in the area -- but it rang with gratitude for so great a life and so extraordinary a man. Requiescat in pace!

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