13 April 2006

Sacred Triduum

So as to focus extra time and attention on the Liturgies of the Sacred Triduum -- and the mystery which they celebrate -- we shall "sign off" until Sunday. For those readers who are local, please refer to our schedule for Mass times during these days. Also, please note the change of location for the Altar of Repose. Due to our newly-begun reconstruction, we shall repose the Most Blessed Sacrament in the Foy Parlor of the School (third parlor on your left as you approach the Chapel) from 6pm-midnight.

May these most sacred days provide moments of prayer and recollection in your in your hearts -- amid other activities and responsibilities which call for your attention.

"In the Holy Eucharist our Lord abases Himself -- if we may so express it -- and changes Himself into food, so that he may penetrate our souls and unite Himself most intimately to the heart and body of His faithful."
St. Francis de Sales

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