22 April 2006

A Post Prom Post

Some people think that life in a monastery is boring. Not for a minute.

This weekend -- Saturday night -- is our school's prom, held in a hotel downtown. In an effort to keep all our darling angels and their dashing dates safe after this event, our parents have sponsored a "post prom" party here on campus for the past several years. The students arrive around 12.30am or 1.00am and play games, enjoy refreshments and visit with their classmates until 4.00am when the "post prom" party ends.

Normally, this is of little consequence to those of us who live in the monastery, since the school buildings and the monastery building are separated by the school quad and the monastery garden. This year, however, with 18 of us "exiles" scattered in different buildings on campus, we are in the middle of the action. Some sisters have the privilege of sleeping just above the live band which will be performing from 12.30am - 4.00am. Others of us are lucky enough to be sleeping just above the lawn where laser tag is scheduled to take place. As this post is being written, parents here on campus are putting the finishing touches on the decorations.

All kidding aside, there are two truths here worth underlining: 1. when over 90% of students attending the prom sign up for "post prom" parents, teachers, administrators and sisters sleep better knowing that our girls are safe (at least until 4.00am!); 2. life in a monastery is NEVER dull.

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