23 January 2006

The Fate of a Nation

One of the founding fathers of our country quipped that the fate of a nation depends upon the education of its youth. Indeed, this is true. And it is even more true today than when it was so declared.

In 2004 at one of the town-hall style presidential debates, president George Bush was asked, very directly, for his views on abortion. His answer spoke of the inviolable dignity of life and seemed to hint at an undeclared desire to change the supreme court's 1973 ruling, while admitting that it was beyond his immediate power to do so. He seemed to suggest, however, that it would be a great day for our nation if abortion were to be declared illegal.

It would be a great feat to see the reversal of Roe vs. Wade. It would, however, be a greater victory to see an even more powerful conversion of mind and heart. Would it not be a great day if abortion clinics closed their doors not on account of a supreme court ruling but, rather, on account of a nation of young adults who refuse to patronize abortion clinics? To educate today's young people about the dignity of human life in such a profound way that it impacts the decisions they make is an extraordinarily important part of evangelizing and proclaiming the Gospel of Life.

What a beautiful day it would be if abortion clinics were put out of business because a nation's youth were so well educated. Since abortion was legalized in 1973 there have been over 46 million abortions performed in this country. In this case, the fate of the nation depends -- quite literally--upon the education of its youth. Oremus!


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