26 January 2006

Ask for Nothing Refuse Nothing

St. Francis de Sales gave an entire conference to our early Mothers and Sisters on this very topic. Among the more commonly quoted selections is the following:

"I say that we must neither ask anything nor refuse anything, but leave ourselves absolutely in the arms of divine Providence, without busying ourselves with any desires, except to will what God wills for us."

Nearly two months ago, when we began this blog, we were hoping to be able to share some spiritual reflections, some of our Holy Founders' writings and a provide a little window into our community life for people who know us or who are interested in learning more about Salesian Spirituality. Although we had some reservations about entering the prodigiously growing blogging-world, we thought that St. Francis de Sales would approve of using the means available to share the Gospel message with those whom we might not be able to reach by ordinary means. It has proven, thus far, to be an interesting adventure and one which we are grateful to have begun.

The last few days we received an unusual number of visits and it was our "Big Sisters" in the blogging world, the Dominicans of Summit, NJ, who solved the mystery for us -- pointing out Mr. Scheske's article in the National Catholic Register.

Mr. Scheske highlights blogs by sisters and nuns (and a Dominican brother) and providers readers with a web address to locate his recommendations. Other blogs mentioned in his article are the following. Click to visit them: Dominicans of Summit, NJ, NunBlog, Living Christ, Communicating Christ, and Fra Lawrence.

And so, it is in the spirit of asking for nothing and refusing nothing that we gratefully acknowledge this well-written "guide" to convents and monasteries in Mr. Scheske's column.


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