18 January 2006

The Battle is the Lord's

As far as bloody biblical battles go, the David and Goliath account is a charming one. David says something very profound during their encounter. Young people today would call the verbal exchange between the two "trash talk," as each party described how he will annihilate the other. After this exchange, David tells Goliath that "the battle is the Lord's." This was hardly "trash talk," it was a profound spiritual truth from which we can all learn. David went into battle without armor, with only a slingshot and five stones; today, that might be the equivalent of going into a rapid open-fire battle with a bee-bee gun. By all human accounts, we should be reading about David's demise. The battle, however, was the Lord's and David put his trust in the Lord.

Although most of us do not have to encounter nine foot titans in our daily lives, we may sometimes feel as ill-equipped as David must have appeared. Let us follow David's example and trust that our daily "battles" also belong to the Lord. Let us trust in His loving providence for us.

"Oh, how good it is to see the servants of God gain their livelihood as the Apostles did by the work of their hands, and to have no other tomorrow than that of His Providence!"
St. Jane de Chantal

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