14 April 2013

Speak, Lord, Your servant is listening

“God has drawn you out of this nothing to make you what you are, merely out of his own pure goodness, since He has no need of you whatsoever.” St. Francis de Sales

Am I presumptuous to claim God does have a need for me? Not a “need” as we humans understand the word. But I believe He has a work has chosen from all eternity for each of us. Only the individual person knows it is.

Can he miss the “call” altogether? Of course! For some of us it is a long time before we wake up to what He is asking - so many things crowd into our lives. We become attached to the “World,” whatever that may be.

Speak Lord, show me the way, Your way. What is He saying? Is He saying “I want all of you”?

I think of Joan of Arc - called totally out of her serene life into battle, fighting, ultimately dying on the stake.

How many holy people are called to be of “use” for God? Who followed His inner calling: Dorothy Day, St. Louis (king and crusader), Caryll Houslander, Kateri Tekawitha, St. Rose of Lima.

These are known saints who answered God’s call. How many have said and are saying “yes” to God asking? “Speak, Lord, Your servant is listening.”

Sr. Eleanor May Klaber, VHM

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