04 November 2012

A Devotion from Sr. Mary Roberta: Living in the Present Moment

Our Holy Founder, St. Francis de Sales, during the 17th-century urged his daughters to live in the present moment, and now EWTN's 21st-century Mother Angelica is putting a new "spin" on his words by urging us to live Scripture in the Present Moment. Here's what she says in her "Private and Pithy Lessons From the Scriptures" (pub. 2008):

"There's always a grave temptation, very subtle at times, to say: 'I've heard it all. What's next?' Well, if you say that, it means you don't know a thing...You see, when you become a what's-nexter, then pride - and that's what it is - pride will destroy you because you close your mind to grace, to the grace and the power of the Spirit to give you more light, especially on Scripture. Nobody can plumb the depths of one passage of Scripture - not if you spent your whole life...If we don't let the Spirit open up new vistas and new light and new grace, what a great gift we are missing. You wouldn't shave to learn a darn thing more if you were to meditate on God's Word and just allow it to come into your soul. We're talking about grace; we're not talking about knowledge. If you want knowledge, go get a degree. You can learn a lot. You can learn Scripture, but you may never know it!...Pride says,, "I've already heard that,' and shuts out His Word in the Present Moment - in this new reality. I'm here to experience God. I'm here to have the kind of faith that brings Him into my life every day, every moment. I'm here to know God. I'm here to love God. You've got to get your mind out of the knowledge stage and into the experience stage."

Sr. Mary Roberta Viano, VHM

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