08 September 2010

A Visit From the Zoo!

For most residents of Washington DC and environs, the only place they can see safari animals is on Connecticut Avenue at the Smithsonian National Zoo. For a limited time, however, locals can see a few safari animals here on 35th Street as well!

Faithful readers will remember several posts about our scavenging sisters who climbed into the dumpsters at Georgetown University and carted back to the monastery truck-loads of goods. Many of these were given to those in need of furniture and other household items. For a few treasures, however, it was very difficult to find a home. In particular some old-style wooden school desks. These sturdy seats were a hard-sell even at the rock-bottom price of free delivery. So, instead of wasting the furniture, the creative minds among us went to work. Sister Leonie Therese, our artist-in-residence, and our loyal friend (and Visi-Mom) Michelle McAndrews have fashioned children's desks in the shape of elephants and giraffes.

Above, Sister Leonie Therese poses with Sister Mary Austin at the safari desks after supper on Monday. Below is a birds' eye view of the giraffe. Locals may see the desks on display at our annual Esprit de Noel Christmas Bazaar in November. A limited number will be available for purchase.

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