25 June 2010

Way to Grow!

Just under two months ago, Sister Philomena shared some biology factoids with us as our tomato seeds were germinating and sprouting. It seemed a good time to check in and see how those seedlings have progressed. Above, Sister poses with one of the 23 tomato transplants which were among our "nursery school graduates" this year. Several other graduates were placed with loving families among friends of our community.

Several of the plants have begun to set fruit already and flowers, on all plants, seem plentiful and hearty. We have a great deal for which to be thankful!

The tomato plants, however, are not the only things growing on our campus. Gabriel, the new "watch-dog-in-training" is also growing rapidly. He may not be covered in flowers like the tomato plants, but he has grown lots in the last few months. Above, he shares a happy moment (and a tennis ball) with Nicholas, his noble -- and very patient -- mentor.

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