09 June 2010

Commencement 2010

On a day when the weather seemed custom-ordered and every detail was painstakingly prepared ... from golf-cart rides for grandparents to a stellar and smooth-running sound sound system ... the two hundred and eleventh commencement exercises began at 11.00am. The address to the graduating class was delivered by former chief international correspondent and the anchor or ABC's "News This Week," Christiane Amanpour. She shared with the class her experience of being an "accidental journalist" who, as a child, had aspired to be either a rock star or a Wimbledon champion. A stellar student address was delivered by Abaigeal Doherty in which she considered the pursuit of greatness as proposed by Shakespeare. She masterfully traced the class of 2010's four years, through her own experiences, and concluded with an imperative used by Our Lord and the repeated often to young people by the late Pope John Paul II: "Be not afraid!"

The day was splendid, the graduates were elegant and the well-wishing family and friends were as joyful as they were plentiful. We here on 35th Street have a great deal for which to be grateful! Enjoy a six-minute recap of the event here or on You Tube.

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