03 April 2010

Holy Week Highlights

As we have done in the past we try to provide our readers with a little window into our celebration of Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum. Here we share some snippets from Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Preparations and celebrations show the time and care that go into making the liturgies of Holy Week prayerful and solemn; our sisters and visiting retreatants all lend a hand where it is needed to be sure that everyone has sufficient time to pray amid the busyness of these days.
The music in the video is the Litany of the Passion which we use as the opening hymn for Night Prayer on Holy Thursday. The video ends with the "crossing of the buns" for supper on Good Friday. They were not crossed quite as amply as they were last year, but they were consumed just as readily!
A blessed Easter to all our readers.!

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