23 April 2010


We sent out a dynamic duo, Sister Mary Roberta and Sister Jacqueline, to represent our community at the Benedictine College Vocation Fair this week. Hallmark Benedictine hospitality marked their stay from delightful transportation service to and from the airport by their ever-helpful campus ministry angel and lovely accommodations at St. Benedict's Guesthouse. The kindness of the hosts was rivaled only by the attentiveness and interest of the students with whom they interacted.

Above, Sister Jacqueline spoke as part of a vocation panel which followed the 9am-2pm vocation fair. For more pictures from their exciting trip, visit our Facebook page here.

" Let every one then, having once found out God's holy will touching his vocation, keep to it holily and lovingly, practising therein its proper exercises, according to the order of discretion and with the zeal of perfection."
St. Francis de Sales

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