26 August 2009

All's Quiet on the Blogging Front

With 27 visiting sisters from five of our other monasteries, we've been a bit busy here in Georgetown. We have delighted in the opportunity to see so many friends -- old and new -- but it hasn't left us much time for push-button publishing. Above, sisters gather to make sandwiches for supper on Sunday night.
At the sandwich making party, our own Mother Mary Berchmans and Sister Margaret Mary of our monastery in St. Louis taste the cranberry-cream cheese spread which the sandwich makers put on the turkey sandwiches. ... and the verdict?


It is always exciting, when we have guests ... but this time we had some extra excitement. On Monday night, just after most of the sisters went to bed, we had a (false) fire alarm. A late-night fire drill with firemen arriving from several different companies provided an unplanned pajama party as we tried to spread the word that it was a false alarm. As much as we love excitement, we pray that the rest of the time with our guests is exciting in a more "peaceful" way.

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